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Frequently Asked Questions

Aim High Chiropractic Accident & Injury Center strives to provide exceptional customer service for all our patients. One way to ensure our patients come to us for their health and chiropractic needs is to provide answers to any questions and concerns you may have about chiropractic, health, injuries, aches, pains, motor vehicle accidents, financial concerns, insurance, policies, health care, etc. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call (303) 922-2799.

Motor Vehicle Accidents:

question arrow What are the most common type of injuries after being in a motor vehicle accident?
question arrow What are soft-tissue injuries?
question arrow What are most common symptoms of whiplash?
question arrow What's the best way to treat whiplash?
question arrow How long does whiplash take to heal?
question arrow What are the risk factors in long-term injury from rear-end collision?
question arrow Do low-speed collisions result in injuries?
question arrow What should I do immediately after being in a motor vehicle accident?

Chiropractic Care:

question arrow What is Chiropractic Care?
question arrow What do Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.) do?
question arrow What is a chiropractic adjustment?
question arrow What is a subluxation?
question arrow Is chiropractic care affordable?
question arrow Why is it important to maintain my spine?
question arrow Why should I return if I'm feeling healthy?
question arrow Is chiropractic care safe and beneficial for children too?

What are the most common type of injuries after being in a motor vehicle accident?

Whiplash is the common injury most victims suffer from after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. This injury occurs when a person in a car is hit from behind in a car accident. In this type of collision, the head of the accident victim often snaps forward and back again. The head weighs a considerable amount, and when it snaps backward, it exerts significant force on the neck. The resulting whiplash can lead to a range of serious conditions, including but not limited to chronic pain, joint dysfunction, and herniated discs of the spine (this occurs when the spinal disc is ruptured, causing a portion of the spinal disc to push outside its normal boundaries and become pinched). Symptoms of whiplash can include neck pain, stiffness, headache, and burning sensations. Shoulder, back pain, and dizziness may be present as well. Some sufferers also report memory loss, depression, fatigue, and nervousness.

Whiplash is an example of a soft-tissue injury, which many motor vehicle accident victims suffer from. Soft-tissue injuries are invisible to the naked eye and, often times, difficult to detect using diagnostic tests like X-Rays. This is why is it imperative to visit a motor vehicle accident and soft-tissue injury specialist immediately after being involved in any type of collision, both minor and major. A specialist is trained and knowledgeable in detecting these hidden injuries. Since soft tissues injuries are easily undetected, and thus neglected, they can cause serious, long-term damage or become chronic injuries and pain if left untreated. If you need immediate assistance regarding whiplash or any related injuries after a motor vehicle accident, please call (303) 922 - 2799 to schedule your first FREE exam and consultation now!

What are soft-tissue injuries?

Soft-tissue injuries are those involving the supporting, non-body parts of the body, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When injured, they are most recognized as tears, sprains, strains, and general soreness. Soft-tissue injuries are most common in motor vehicle accident patients, as the force of impact from auto collisions can cause these tissues to stretch considerably. As a result, victims can endure significant damage and can often experience pain, swelling, bleeding, and even loss of function. Left untreated, these soft-tissue injuries can worsen over time and result to chronic pain and suffering.

Though soft tissue injuries are very common, they cannot be detected using X-rays. For this reason, it is more difficult to detect soft tissue injuries quickly than it is to detect bone injuries. Often, an individual with soft tissue injuries will not experience symptoms for hours after a car accident. In some cases, it takes days for car accident victims to begin experiencing symptoms.

Once a person with soft tissue injuries begins having symptoms, he or she may experience persistent pain. Often, inflammation is present. This is a natural result of soft tissue injury and helps to make the accident victim aware that a body part has been damaged. The pain, however, can be significant and can stall or inhibit healing if left untreated. This is why it's important to immediately schedule an exam with a doctor specializing in soft-tissue injuries after a motor vehicle accident. These highly-qualified doctors are trained to detect, diagnose, and treat your hidden, soft-tissue injuries. Avoid unnecessary pain and suffering by calling (303) 922-2977 to schedule your first FREE exam and consultation today!

What are the most common symptoms of whiplash?

There are some symptoms that are present in nearly every single case of whiplash. The following is a list of the ten most-reported symptoms, with their estimated prevalence:

( ) Neck Pain (97%) ( ) Depression (41%)
( ) Headache (97%) ( ) Visual Symptoms (35%)
( ) Shoulder Pain (65%) ( ) Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (33%)
( ) Anxiety (55%) ( ) Dizziness (23%)
( ) Back Pain (42%)  

Often times, victims may not experience these symptoms until some time has passed. Immediately following any type of motor vehicle accidents, it's vital to schedule an appointment with a soft-tissue injury doctor or specialist to detect and treat these symptoms. Injuries left undetected and untreated can cause serious long-term damage and result in chronic pain and suffering that may be irreversible. Call (303) 922-2799

How long does a typical whiplash injury take to heal?

It depends. First of all, there is no such thing as a typical whiplash injury. There are so many different variables involved in a collision that it's not uncommon for two people to be in the same vehicle, yet suffer different degrees of injuries.

Therefore, the healing time also varies greatly. Some people who have experienced a rear-end collision may suffer symptoms for just a few hours afterwards. Most people seem to recover in around six weeks. However, the medical literature and research consistently shows that a significant percentage of people -- nearly one out of three victims --  experience long-term injuries and symptoms after a motor vehicle collision.

What's the best way to treat a whiplash injury?

It depends on the severity of the injury and the patient's needs. Very few whiplash injuries require surgical treatment or a hospital stay, but many whiplash patients go the emergency room as their first treatment, especially if the collision was severe.

Drugs are often prescribed for whiplash patients, and they can be useful for short-term relief of pain. However, long-term use of medications can lead to dependency. More importantly, the drugs themselves do not solve the root problems of injuries, nor do they help heal the body’s injured tissues.

The key to long-term health of the soft-tissues after injury is mobilization of the affected areas. This is best accomplished with spinal adjustments and muscular therapy (rehabilitation), either alone or in combination with each other. Together, these two methods help speed up the healing process and recovery for your body

What are the risk factors for long-term injury from a rear-end collision?

There are hundreds of them. A recent engineering study attempted to predict which variables would result in injury in their test occupants exposed to low speed crashes. However, even when taking into account 18 different measurable factors, their predictions were only 70% accurate.

Over the past twenty years, researchers have compiled a list of factors and variables believed to influence the risk of injury:

  point   The angle of the collision.
  point   The speed and size of the vehicles involved.
  point   Road conditions.
  point   Victim’s head position during impact.
  point   Sex of victim. Women are more likely to be injured than are men.
  point   Victim’s awareness. An occupant who is aware of the impending impact is less likely to suffer long-term consequences, as they have time to "brace" themselves for the impact, lessening the severity of injury to the soft-tissues of the neck.
  point   The proper use of head restraints.
  point   Safety belts. Some researchers have suggested that seatbelts may increase the risk of injury in rear-end collision. (NOTE: Seat belts save many lives each year, and the potential life-saving ability of seatbelts far outweighs the slight risk of increased injury during a "minor" collision. You should always wear your seatbelt, as it is required by law to do so.)
  point   Secondary collisions.
  point   Direct body impact.
  point   Loss of consciousness.
  point   Medical history. Pre-existing health conditions may increase the risk of injury.
  point   Pain onset. Generally, when symptoms appear immediately after the collision, healing takes longer, as these injuries tend to be more severe.

Can a low speed collision (less than 10 mph) result in injury?

Yes. Nearly all engineers refuse to conduct rear-end test collisions over 5 mph because of the possibility of injury to the test occupants. For many years in the scientific community, it was believed that injury was impossible in low speed collisions, since the typical motion of the head seen during a higher speed collision did not occur. However, in the last few years, a whole new body of literature has shown that the cervical spine may actually be more at risk from a low speed collision than a higher speed collision.

What should I do immediately after being in a motor vehicle accident?

An automobile accident can often be such a jarring experience that many people do not know what to do immediately after being involved in one. To best protect your rights and help you get the compensation and help you deserve, here is what you should do after being involved in an auto accident:

Call the Police

Even if your accident seems minor, you should always contact your local police department and ask them to respond to the scene. This will ensure that a complete and accurate report of the incident is documented and vital information, such as witness statements, are collected in a timely, appropriate manner.

See a Doctor Who Specializes in Auto Accident Injuries

Even if you do not believe you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, be sure to see a specialized doctor right away and have them examine any injuries you may have sustained. Your family physician or a medical doctor may not be able to accurately diagnose your condition, if they do not have the proper training to detect hidden, soft-tissue injuries often sustained in auto accidents. A qualified doctor, such as the specialized doctors at Aim High Chiropractic, can effectively examine, diagnose, and treat your injuries. Scheduling a visit is important, as this will allow you to begin treatment immediately and provide an official record of the injuries that resulted from your accident. Additionally, if your claim goes to trial your doctor may be called on to testify on your behalf. If you've been involved in a motor vehicle accidently recently, call (303) 922-2977 immediately to schedule your first FREE exam and consultation today!

Consult an Auto Accident Attorney

If you plan to file a claim for compensation after an accident, do not delay in speaking with an auto accident attorney and beginning the process of filing a lawsuit. Every state has laws stating how long you have to file a claim making it important that you begin the process right away (See your own state laws regarding personal injuries). Speaking with an attorney right away will also help you to avoid making a mistake that may jeopardize your chances to seek compensation in the future.

While it is only natural to be shaken up after an accident and unsure of what to do, by following a few simple steps you can help to protect yourself and your rights. If you have any questions about the claims process after an auto accident, speak with a local accident attorney and arrange a consultation.

Call Aim High Chiropractic (303) 922-2977 to schedule your first FREE exam and consultation today! We also want to ensure that you were getting the care and compensation you deserve by providing you with a list of highly-qualified, experienced auto accident attorneys! Save time, energy, and money with us!

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact that your body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism and on the premise that good health depends in part upon a normally-functioning nervous system. Chiropractic is a natural method of health care that focuses on treating the cause of physical problems, rather than just the symptoms. Chiropractic care maintains the integrity of the spine and nervous system to help prevent health problems. It's often a successful and effective alternative to risky, invasive procedures (i.e. - surgery).

From the time that we are born to the time we pass away, our bodies are constantly under stress. Whether it's caused chemically, physically, emotionally or mentally, stress plays a big role in causing our body to be thrown off-balanced. An imbalanced body has less energy, less resistance, and less comfort. When the spine becomes imbalanced (subluxated), it interferes with nerve function resulting in more dis-ease, more imbalance and negative cycle is created.

Henry Winsor, a medical doctor, wondered how "chiropractors claim that by 'adjusting' one vertebra, they can relieve stomach troubles and ulcers; by 'adjusting' another, menstrual cramps; and another, thyroid conditions, kidney disease, constipation, heart disease, lung disease - but how?" He began a series of dissections of 75 humans and 22 cat cadavers. The result of his study was that there was nearly a 100% correlation between "minor curvatures" of the spine and diseases of the internal organs.

Chiropractic is the largest, natural primary health care profession in the world and is the fastest growing health care choice before drugs and surgery! Call (303) 922-2977 to schedule your first FREE exam and consultation today and find out how effective chiropractic care is for your overall health!

What do Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.) do?

A Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) looks at your overall health, focusing on your spine and nervous system, but also your overall lifestyle to determine the causes of any health problems and prevent them from occurring in the future again. This integrated and personalized approach helps determine the most effective care for you as a patient. Chiropractors help restore proper nerve functioning to organs, tissues, and cells. As the only type of doctors specialized and trained to find and correct Vertebral Subluxations, chiropractors adjust to restore subluxations and restore proper health.

Doctors of Chiropractic also provide the following services to treat and maintain your health:


Helping to restore proper spinal biomechanics and improved nervous system function begins with a case history. To help identify the cause of any problems you may have, the chiropractor will discuss with you, your symptoms, your family health history, and your lifestyle, including recreational and work related physical activities.

Physical Exam

As "blueprints" of your spine, X-rays can reveal misaligned vertebrae, fractures, arthritis, diseases in your spine, or other problems associated with the spinal column. These examinations help identify areas of spinal malfunction and resulting nervous system deficit. If you've been in a motor vehicle accident, chiropractors are especially trained in detecting hidden, soft-tissue injuries many other types of doctors (i.e. - physicians, medical doctors, etc.) cannot detect. This type of expertise is vital, as often times, victims of auto accident don't experience physical symptoms until some time has passed. Chiropractors can effectively detect, treat, and relieve any pain, aches, or soreness resulting from soft-tissue injuries.


Based on the examinations and findings, the chiropractor may recommend an individualized treatment program to realign your spine and improved your health. Progress is monitored with periodic examinations and follow-up reports. Since the word "doctor" comes from the Latin word meaning "teacher", regardless of your doctor's unique clinical approach, he or she has a strong commitment to patient education. Chiropractors have a solid dedication to learning about treating and preventing health problems, as they focus on the root cause of pain and work to restore proper health for their patients.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is the natural health care method of using a specific force in a precise direction, applied to a joint that is fixated, "locked up", or not moving properly to relieve pain and restore proper health. After spinal analysis has determined its location, chiropractic adjustments are performed to eliminate or reduce spinal nerve stress by helping to return the bones to normal, proper position or motion.

When the bones protecting the spinal cord move away from their normal position or lose normal motion, delicate nerve tissue can become choked or irritated. If a thorough examination reveals malfunctioning areas of the spine, chiropractic adjustments are recommended to help correct this condition. By reducing pressure on nerves, these adjustments can help restore alignment, improve mobility, and relieve pain and stiffness.

Doctors of Chiropractic spend countless hours learning motion palpation (the art of examining by movement and touch) and special spinal examining procedures in order to administer a specific spinal adjustment. Considerable skill and dexterity are required to become proficient in the art of chiropractic.

The basic premise of chiropractic is based on the fact that many health problems come about as a result of improper (too much or too little) nerve supply. A Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) will do everything she can to restore proper nerve function and proper spinal mobility to your body.

For this reason, specific vertebral adjustments are the primary treatments to treat and relieve many related health problems. Particular attention will be paid to that area of your spine where a spinal misalignment (subluxation) has been detected. Once these spinal areas have been adjusted to restore normal movement, the nerve irritability at that spinal level will be reduced, and this will have a positive influence on your area of complaint or discomfort.

Adjustments help normalize spinal function and avoid bone and soft tissue degeneration. When nervous system function improves in this way, the body can begin the natural healing process and restore proper health for normal daily functioning without pain and suffering.

"There is no effect without a cause. Chiropractors adjust causes. Others treat effects."
-B.J Palmer, D.C.

What is a subluxation?

A subluxation, by definition, is a minor misalignment of the segment of the spine (vertebrae) causing irritation to a nerve with a loss of normal function. This can cause an interruption of communication from the brain to any cell, tissue or organ in the body, which is known as nerve interference. When a vertebrae (spinal bone) is misaligned it puts pressure on the nerves in that area, thereby cutting off communication from the brain to that area supplied by the nerve. The purpose of Chiropractic is to correct the subluxation and restore proper nerve flow.

 Subluxations are caused by any stress (physical, mental, or chemical) the person cannot adapt to. Automobile accidents, improper lifting, alcohol, emotional stress, chemical imbalances, and long periods of sitting can cause subluxations. These subluxations result in the organ, tissue, muscles, etc. and lose their normal function. They can also cause a lowered resistance to disease.

Subluxations are sometimes referred to as the "silent killer". A subluxation, or misalignment of the vertebrae, can often exist undetected and slowly undermine one's health. A study conducted by Henry Winsor, a medical doctor, found that there was nearly 100% correlation between "minor curvatures" of the spine and diseases of the internal organs.

Instead of treating your physical symptoms, the doctors at Aim High Chiropractic are primarily interested in treating the root cause of your pain by detecting, reducing, and preventing Vertebral Subluxations. By removing subluxation, we can effectively restore proper function and overall health.

Is chiropractic care affordable?

Yes. Aside from lowest per-visit charges in the health care field, total treatment costs were lower for chiropractic patients than for those receiving care from other types of practitioners, according to a University of Richmond study. Research has proven that chiropractic care helps avoid or reduce the incidence of other more expensive forms of treatment.

 For the past century, Doctors of Chiropractic have offered patients relief from numerous types of health problems, the source of which originated in the back and spine. In recent years, numerous scientific studies have been conducted throughout the world to determine and record specifically the effectiveness of chiropractic care.

One study conducted by Miro Stano, Ph.D., of Oakland University found that, patients who receive chiropractic care, either solely or in conjunction with medical care, experienced "significantly lower health care costs... on the order of $1,000 each over the two year period" than those who received only medical care. Specifically, total insurance payments were $1,138 (30% higher) for those who elected medical care only.

Choose the most affordable health care available and call our Affordable Health Care Advisor at (303) 922-2977 to schedule a health care consultation. We'll make the complicated world of health care easy and simple for you to understand in a 20-minute consultation meeting and help you choose the right health-care program that's right for you. You may qualify for FREE TREATMENTS! That's right, you may potentially qualify for FREE CHIROPRACTIC TREATMENTS, if you've been in a motor vehicle accident! Call (303) 922-2977 to schedule your first FREE exam and consultation now!

Why is it important to maintain my spine?

Maintaining your spine could be one of the most significant health investments you could make: eight out of ten people will, at one point in their lifetime, suffer from back pain or neck pain. Maintaining your spine will elongate your life and provide you with better functioning and minimal problems. Both your spine and your nervous system are two significant organs which influence your overall health, which is why it's important to maintain them both for proper daily functioning and health. Caring for and maintaining your spine is not only smart, but it's also more cost-effective than correcting and reversing damage. If subluxations are not corrected, you will be merely managing a problem rather than maintaining the correction.

 Fundamentally, if you neglect anything that requires maintenance it will develop into a bigger problem. Problems develop silently until enough damage occurs to trigger a symptom or crisis. Unfortunately the crisis or symptom may not occur until a significantly or even permanent damage has occurred.

Take your car as an example. If you never opened the hood of your car to maintain the engine, what would happen? A problem would develop of course. It would continue to develop until your car would start breaking down and eventually give out. In cars, we have warning light that tell us when we have problems so we can correct them before a crisis and symptoms occur. In the human body, there is no warning light. Problems develop silently until enough damage accumulates to fire off a symptom.

Heart disease is another good example. Eating high fat foods over time is known to clog arteries. This problem is called heart disease. You do not feel the heart disease. You feel the heart attack when enough disease has accumulated. The heart attack is the symptom or effect of heart disease in a crisis stage.

The symptom is the effect of the problems that accumulated over time.

Many people go to a chiropractor to correct their back problem (subluxation) yet some do not maintain the corrected spine. That is like never opening the hood of your car again after you had to rebuild the engine because you did not maintain it to begin with! Or going back to high fat foods and no exercise after getting a heart attack and a coronary bypass!

Start spinal maintenance with your children and maintain your spine throughout your life, so you can insure more optimum function and health potential. Your future will be spent doing the things you love to do rather than battling damage and degeneration.

Why should I return if I feel just fine?

How you feel is not always an accurate indication of how healthy you are; In fact, you may feel fine while life-threatening vertebral subluxations are damaging your body. We've all seen people looking like death warmed over who "feel fine." They are like walking targets, waiting for disease to strike before they decide to do anything about their health. They "feel fine" but have no energy; they "feel fine" but sleep poorly; they "feel fine" but have aches and pains, headaches or back aches. Too many people who "feel fine" have a sudden heart attack, stroke, debilitating pain, or are diagnosed with a serious disease, such as cancer.

 They've lost touch with how they really feel. They'll return for chiropractic care when they "feel like it and not a minute sooner." They've stopped listening to their subtle signs of sickness, and they won't listen to their chiropractor either. Why wait for something to go wrong with your body before you take action and attend to your health? It may be too late if you wait for symptoms to apear.

The majority of people do not realize that symptoms are the end result of the body's inability to function properly. This means, often times, when you feel symptoms of an injury, ache, or pain, it may be well on its way toward serious damage and irreversible repercussions.

It is important to have periodic care and maintain your health, because although your symptoms may disappear after a few spinal adjustments, the spinal degeneration will usually remain. The chances are, you'll be back in the chiropractor's office in the not-too-distant future with symptoms that take longer to go away. This is why it is important to schedule regular check-ups even if you are feeling fine.

No matter what disease or condition you have, you can benefit from a healthy spine. Spinal health can be as important for your overall health as proper nutrition. A healthy spine can improve your life. Schedule your first FREE exam and consultation with Aim High Chiropractic by calling (303) 922-2977 now!

Is chiropractic care safe and effective for children too?

Yes, absolutely, chiropractic care is both safe and effective for children as well as adults. Chiropractic adjusting techniques are modified to fit a child's size, weight, and unique spinal problem. Chiropractic adjustments help to keep your child's immune system strong and hence resistant to many germs that lurk in day care centers and classrooms. Parents often report that their children seem healthier than other kids their age. Chiropractic has been shown to help children with ear infections (69% of children under chiropractic care report no occurrence of ear infection), colic, a stronger immune system and much more!

Many spinal problems seen in adults begin in childhood. Proper spinal hygiene is an important key to better health. Regular chiropractic checkups are especially beneficial as head support and natural spinal curves are established. Many adults' problems started with traumatic births and were ignored until the onset of obvious symptoms. Even so-called "natural" birthing methods can put stress on a still-developing spine. The irritation to the nervous system that results can be the cause of many newborn health complaints. Colic, unexplained crying, poor appetite, breathing problems, and allergic reactions can often be traced to a nervous system dysfunction caused by a malfunctioning spine.

Head support, followed by crawling, and baby's first few steps should be followed by chiropractic checkups. If neglected, the bumps and falls during this period of rapid growth may lead to serious spinal deformities later in life. This can set the stage for scoliosis, "growing pains", and a weakened immune system.

The vertebrae that protects the spinal cord can easily become misaligned during the normal slips and falls that occur while a child learns to walk. Delicate nerve tissue can be damaged, lost muscle tone can weaken the important support of the spine, and discs and soft tissues can swell and become inflamed. The body responds over time with abnormal bony growth. There may be no pain or other obvious symptoms, yet your child's overall health may suffer needlessly. Regular chiropractic adjustments can restore and help maintain good health.

Call Aim High Chiropractic (303) 922-2977 and schedule your child's first FREE exam and consultations, risk-free!